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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I phone up to place my order?

You sure can. You are welcome to place your order by phone. Calling us will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our products, services and charges.

What does artwork refer to?

The complete material including type, fonts and graphics. Artwork must be emailed to us in the following electronic formats:
Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Post Script (.eps), PDF or a high resolution JPEG (at least 300 dpi). Aside from the JPEG format, ALL other formats must be given to us in a vector graphic outline to ensure a sharp, clean looking print.

What are vector graphics?

A vector graphic is the use of points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons – all of which are based on mathematical expressions to represent images in computer graphics. Because vector graphics are mathematical expressions instead of pixels you can create an image which will never lose its clarity no matter how large or small you decide to make it.

How do I get my artwork in the required formats?

You can request a copy of your artwork from your designer or alternatively we can convert your artwork into a vector graphic outline providing that your original artwork is good enough for us to use. A vector graphic outline can be saved as an Illustrator, EPS or PDF file.

Do you design artwork?

Yes, we can. Simply tell us what you would like (graphics, company name, tel. no, website etc.) and we will have our in house design team create an artwork proof showing the design including what it will look like once printed onto your chosen product. *note: charges may apply if frequent artwork changes are required.

What is the gusset on a bag?

It is the fold in the side or bottom of the bag which allows it to expand when contents are inserted. This is usually denoted by the final number in the bag’s dimensions.

Can you print over the gusset?

No. We can only print centrally on our bags within the set print areas of the gusset.

Can I split the minimum order quantity between sizes?

Unfortunately, no.

How quickly can I have my logo printed products?

Usual lead time is around 10-15 working days from approval of artwork and receipt of payment depending on our production schedule.

Is there an express option to get my printed products faster?

Generally first orders will take 10-15 days. We can express some orders to be completed within 10 working days, quoted upon request and if possible to upgrade the wait list.

Are there any additional delivery charges?

All deliveries to within Bangalore area are free of charge on orders over Rs. 15000. Orders below Rs. 15000 are charged

When do I pay for my order?

Payment is required in advance of production and will be taken on approval of your artwork.

Do you accept payment by credit card over the phone?

No. To make payments quick and easy for our customers, we are able to facilitate bank transfers only. 

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